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Soft Crowdfunding Launch Happening 01/20

The crowdfunding campaign to help attain land to open Strange Blossom LLC is opening tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. EST. There is a full bio and video of my big project. Please remember to sign up on the email list to be updated for new products, events and discounts that will start popping up within the next few months. Click Here For a list of companies and people that Strange Blossom Supports and wants to help connect you with. Pre Orders for Health Baskets are being taken now! Membership and subscription options will be available in March when the hard campaign launches. Grow strange, grow strong.

Also Please welcome Swanson's Fabrics to the Strange Blossom Rockstars!

The mission is to connect the community with better options for you, your home, your family and the earth, so we can live a healthier more harmonious lifestyle, inside and out.

#organic #ecofriendly #humanwellness #spiritualhealing #savetheearth #livewell #growing #dobetter #livebetter

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