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Please welcome our newest rockstars!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Hello everyone, please check out 2 new rockstars joining the Strange Blossom LLC movement, bringing quality products to the community!

First, we have Bourdon Maple Farms! Their inventory will be available through a health basket subscription and will be available to purchase by the end of the week.

Next, we have Foster Farm Botanicals! Bringing organic and high-quality herbs, CBD and tea blends to our table.

Remember right now Strange Blossom LLC is taking PRE ORDERS FOR BASKETS ONLY. Fill out the form for your price quote. Click here to link to order form.

You don't need to donate or buy to offer support for this growing business. Sharing with your friends and local community can really help put this dream into a reality, for all to enjoy, including you! Be a rockstar, join the Strange Blossom Movement for #humanhealth #humanwellness #organicfood #ecofriendlyproducts #spiritualgrowth #mentalhealthawareness #community #newwayofliving #savetheplanet #healthwealthandabundance #naturalhealing

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