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Know better, do better!

January 3rd 2023

As the world is finally waking up to the reality of the abundance of harmful chemicals, toxic materials and unbalanced lifestyles this planet currently supports, it's easy to think you can change along with it. But, in a such an informationally fast paced world where credible information is hard to find, and anything can be debated, how do you know where to start without falling down the rabbit hole of links and products?

Here I am y'all. I am your cheat sheet for a healthier lifestyle. Strange Blossom blogs will address direct physical problems and holistic solutions, connect you to professionals of various spiritual, mental and physical growth practices. Articles addressing stress management, emotional management, art therapy and the like. This is it, your one stop shop for the skinny on being healthy and supporting our beautiful planet! Connecting likeminded individuals with creators / producers / doers of good and ecofriendly rock stars. Jump on the email list to get promos and discounts on goods and services. Our adventure with each other begins today. Get ready to be a Strange Blossom warrior. Grow strange, grow strong.

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